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Alf Landon Campaign Buttons

Alf Landon Campaign Buttons

Alf Landon Campaign Buttons.  Welcome to the Alf Landon campaign buttons on Kansas Governor Alf Landon was the Republican Party presidential nominee of 1936. Landon lost the November election that year to President Franklin Roosevelt by a wide margin. Landon would win just two states Maine and Vermont and receive 36 percent of the vote to 60 percent for FDR. Pictured here are Alf Landon campaign buttons along with one that features his 1936 running mate Frank Knox.

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Landon 4B - Landon Campaign Button
Landon.  7/8 on an inch campaign button from 1936 for Republican Party nominee Alf Landon featurin..
Landon 5K - Landon Knox  Campaign Button
Landon Knox. 7/8 of an inch campaign button  from 1936 for  Landon and Knox that features the classi..
Landon 9B - Landon Knox GOP Campaign Button
Landon Knox GOP. Classic 5/8 of an inch Landon and Knox  litho pin from 1936 that has a felt sunflow..
Landon 9E - Landon Barbour Campaign Button
Landon Barbour. 7/8 of an inch coattail campaign button from 1936  for Al Landon for President and W..
Landon 1H - Landon Knox GOP Campaign Button in Metal Frame
Landon Knox GOP. 7/8 of an inch pin from 1936 that features caricatures on Landon and Knox held in a..