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Woodrow Wilson Campaign Buttons

Woodrow Wilson Campaign Buttons

Woodrow Wilson Campaign Buttons. Welcome to the Woodrow Wilson campaign buttons section on Featured here are Woodrow Wilson Campaign Buttons from his 1912 and 1916 presidential campaign buttons. Democrat Woodrow Wilson , born in 1856, was elected the 28th President of the United States in November of 1912. Wilson served two full terms and was President during World War One. He was able to successfully see the United States to victory in World War One. Following the war, Wilson traveled to Europe for the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, becoming the first United States President while in office to travel to Europe. While in Europe , Wilson visited with Pope Benedict XV becoming the first President to visit the Pope while in office. For his efforts on behalf of peace , Wilson was awarded the Noble Peace Prize of 1919. Prior to his eight years in the White House, Wilson served as President of Princeton University and won his first elective office when in 1910 he was elected. Governor of New Jersey. Pictured here are Woodrow Wilson campaign buttons from his successful 1912 and1916 presidential campaigns. In addition to Wilson presidential buttons this sections also features Wilson Marshall campaign buttons.

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Wilson 10H - For President  Wilson Campaign Button
For President Wilson. Attractive 7/8 of an inch campaign button for Woodrow Wilson by the famous..
Wilson 10J - Woodrow Wilson Independent League Campaign Button
Woodrow Wilson Independent League. Attractive 3/4 of an inch campaign button for Woodrow Wilson ..
Wilson 5D - Win With Wilson Campaign Button
Win With Wilson. Attractive 7/8 of an inch campaign button for Woodrow Wilson by the famous Whit..
Wilson 8A  - Vote For And American First Campaign Button
 Vote For And American First. Nice 7/8 inch campaign button for President Woodrow Wilson and his Vic..
Wilson 8B  - They Have Kept The Faith  American First We'll Stand By Them  Campaign Button
They Have Kept The Faith  American First We'll Stand By Them. Red , white and blue 7/8 inch campaign..
Wilson 7G - Reed And Wilson People's Champions Campaign Button
Reed And Wilson People's Champions. 7/8 of an inch coattail campaign button from 1916 for the re..