Marianne Williamson Ends White House Run

February 8 , 2024 - It's time to pack up the Marianne Williamson campaign buttons , as the celebrated  author and activist has suspended her presidential campaign. In statementMarianne Williamson For President 2024 Campaign Button posted to social media Williamson said "we did what we could to shed some light in some very darkened times. For that I will always be grateful."

During her time in the Democratic primaries , Williamson scored just over 10,000 votes in contests in New Hampshire , South Carolina and Nevada. 2024 makes Williamson's second run for the presidency as she was also a candidate in 2020.

With Williamson's exit from the race , that leaves President Joe Biden's only challenger for the nomination , Congressman Dean Phillips of Minnesota. 


Scott White House Run Is Over

November 12 , 2023 - Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina has ended his quest for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. In a television interview Scott said " I love AmericaTim Scott for President 2024 campaign button. more than I did on May 22. But when I go back to Iowa it will not be as a presidential candidate. I am suspending my campaign. I think the voters who are the most remarkable people on the planet have been really clear that they're telling me , ' Not now , Tim.' "

A poll out earlier this month had Scott registering at 4%. Scott's exit leaves seven candidates in the race. Those White House hopefuls are former President Donald Trump , Florida Governor Ron DeSantis , former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley , Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy , former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie , North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. 

Mike Pence Ends Presidential Run

October 27 , 2024 - Former Vice President Mike Pence ended is 2024 bid for the White House today. Addressing a Republican conference in Las Vegas , Pence told the crowd "this Mike Pence 2024 Campaign Button is not my time."  During his over two decades  in politics , Pence served 6 terms in Congress , one term as Governor of Indiana before becoming as Vice President for former President Donald Trump in January of 2017.

Since starting his presidential campaign in June of 2023 , Pence has had to contend with low polling numbers and fundraising issues. It was also unknown whether he would qualify for the upcoming third GOP debate scheduled for early November.

Pence is the second GOP 2024 contender to leave the race  as Larry Elder also ended his bid earlier in the week. 

New 4 Candidate Poll Forces A Tie In Biden vs Trump

Joe Biden For President 2024 Campaign Button Donald Trump 2024 Campaign Button Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 2024 Campaign Buttons Dr. Cornel West for president 2024 campaign button. 

October 25 , 2024 - A potential  4 way race for the presidency finds the two major party candidates in a dead heat. Independent candidate Dr. Cornel West , 70 ,  who at first sought the presidential nomination of the People's Party and then the Green Party before finally deciding to run as independent scores 4% of the vote.

In third place is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. , 69 ,  who initially sought the Democratic nomination for president is polling at 13%. President Joe Biden , 80 ,  the likely Democratic nominee and Former President Donald Trump , 77 ,  the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president are both at 37%. Even without Kennedy and West , the poll still found a tight race with Biden and Trump each earning 41%.


The Robert F. Kennedy Jr. "The Son" Tarot Card Inspired Campaign Button

October 19 , 2023 - Destined to go down as one of the most beautiful designs for the 2024 presidential election , the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tarot card inspired campaign buttonRobert F. Kennedy Jr. 2024 Campaign Buttons combines both politics and art. The meaning of the sun tarot  card projects good fortune , happiness , joy and harmony. Those are qualities that any presidential candidate would want to incorporate into their campaign.

The sun card typically features a anthropomorphized sun. On the RFK Jr. campaign button the sun is represented with the image of a  Senator Robert F. Kennedy campaign button for his 1968 presidential run. The sun card typically features a infant riding a white house. On this Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaign button the figure on the white horse has the face of RFK Jr. with a wreath of flowers on his head. 

On the face of the four sunflowers spells out the initials of Kennedy R F K Jr. Further imagery on this RFK Jr. 2024 campaign button include at the top the year 2024 printed in Roman numerals MMXXIV. 

At the bottom of the sun card , usually the wording "The Sun" appears. On this campaign button with the shinning sun of RFK at the top and his son on a white horse "The Sun" wording is replaced with the appropriate "The Son" text.

This Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaign button , that is three inches in diameter , also breaks with the traditional red, white and blue color scheme that been used for decades on presidential campaign buttons. In addition this campaign button is  a homage to the psychedelic artwork of 1968 when Senator Bobby Kennedy's race took place.

As Kennedy has decided to run as an independent for president many more RFK Jr. campaign buttons will likely be created between now and November 2024. Whether one of these new designs will have the grace and beauty of the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. "The Son" campaign button is for the future to determine. We  will we have to see if that is in the cards.