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Political Postcards

Political Postcards

Political Postcards. Welcome to the Political Postcards  section on  Featured here are postcards for both presidents , presidential candidates and other public figures.

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Postcards 7A - Lyndon Johnson Postcard
Lyndon Johnson Postcard. Postcard for President Lyndon B. Johnson in standard 6 by 4 inch size..
Postcards 8A - Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Postcard
Robert F. Kennedy. Full color memorial postcard for Senator Robert F. Kennedy in standard 6 by 4 inc..
Postcards 1A  - Al Gore Tipper Gore Postcard
 Al Gore Tipper Gore. Postcard from 1992 for Al and Tipper Gore in standard 6 by 4 inch size..
Postcards 9A - President John  F. Kennedy Postcard
President John F. Kennedy. Full color postcard for President John F. Kennedy in standard 6 by 4 inch..
Postcards 10A  - United States Supreme Court  Postcard
United States Supreme Court. Postcard of the United States Supreme Court Justices  from 1988 - 1990...
Postcards 4A -  Bill Clinton Postcard
Bill Clinton. Postcard from 1992 for Bill Clinton in standard 6 by 4 inch size ..
Postcards 5A - Hubert H. Humphrey Postcard
Hubert H. Humphrey Postcard. Color postcard for Hubert H. Humphrey who was the 1968 Democratic n..