Kamala Harris Makes History Accepts Democratic Vice Presidential Nomination

Joe Biden 2020 Campaign ButtonsAugust 20 , 2020 - Last night Senator Kamala Harris of California accepted the Democratic vice presidential nomination in a live address from Wilmington , Delaware. Harris born in Oakland , California in 1964 to immigrants , noted the many milestones in her life story. Noting that she wished her mother had lived to see this moment ,  Harris said of her mother " she taught us to be conscious and compassionate about the struggles of all people. To believe public service is a noble cause and the fight for justice is a shared responsibility."

At the conclusion of her speech Harris was joined on stage by her husband Douglas Emhoff and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife Jill. Tonight Biden will formally accept the nomination with a prime time speech.

The Table Is Now Set For Trump Pence VS Biden Harris

Joe Biden 2020 Campaign ButtonsAugust 14 , 2020 - Now that we know that it will be Senator Kamala Harris of California as the vice president running mate for Democratic presidential Donald Trump 2020 Campaign Buttonnominee Joe Biden the sprint to  election day is now just 84 days. As the campaign button factories have been churning out Biden Harris 2020 campaign buttons non stop , the national conventions for both the Democrats and Republicans are just around the corner. 

First up will be the Democratic National Convention which begins on Monday August 17 , 2020. While activities scheduled for the convention city of Milwaukee , Wisconsin have been scaled back there is still a full roster of virtual convention speeches scheduled for the four nights. Biden will formally accept the Democratic nomination with a speech to be delivered from his home state of Delaware.

For the Republicans their convention is scheduled to be begin in Charlotte , North Carolina on Monday August 24. President Donald Trump will accept his party's nomination on Thursday August 27 , 2020 but a site has yet to be determined. It is possible Trump could give his speech from the White House.

Biden Will Not Travel To Milwaukee To Accept Nomination As Election Day Clock Hits 90 Days

Joe Biden 2020 Campaign ButtonsAugust 5, 2020 - The upcoming Democratic National Convention to be held in Milwaukee , Wisconsin took another step to a nearly all virtual event as it was Donald Trump 2020 Campaign Buttonannounced that former Vice President Joe Biden would not travel there to give his acceptance speech. Now it is expected that Biden will give the speech in his home state of Delaware.

The Milwaukee convention has been continually scaled back  due to Covid - 19. Because of  increased concern over community spread of Covid - 19 , health officials and Democratic Party leaders decided is was best to reduce travel to Milwaukee by Biden and other scheduled speakers. President Donald Trump is also not expected to give his convention speech at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte , North Carolina. One possible location for Trump's speech is the White House.

Jo Jorgensen Libertarian For President 2020 Campaign ButtonNew polling in several battleground states are measuring the potential impact of 3rd party presidential candidates on the Trump vs. Biden race. In Iowa ,  Trump has 48% , to 46% for Biden and 2% for Libertarian party presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen. In Wisconsin ,  Biden has 52% to 38% for Trump. North Carolina has Biden at 44% , followed by Trump at 40% , Jorgensen at 4% and Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins at 2%.

In the Keystone State of Pennsylvania Biden has 44% , Trump has 43% , Jorgensen is at 4% and Hawkins is at 2%. Finally in Florida ,  Biden and Trump are both at 43% , followed by Jorgensen at 4% and Hawkins at 2%.

No Press For Republican Convention As Calendar Ticks Down To 93 Days To Election

Joe Biden 2020 Campaign ButtonsAugust 2 , 2020 - Due to social distance requirements because of Covid 19 and limited space the Republican National Convention  to be held in Charlotte , Donald Trump 2020 Campaign ButtonNorth Carolina will be closed to the press. The convention scheduled to run from Friday August 21 though Monday August 24 , will instead be live streamed. It is is still undecided whether President Donald Trump with make a in person live speech at the convention.

In new polling out in the all important battleground state of Pennsylvania former Vice President Joe Biden has 50% to 41% for Trump.

Convention Month Arrives , As Countdown To Election Continues With 94 Days Remaining

Joe Biden 2020 Campaign ButtonsAugust 1 , 2020 - With the arrival of August , the National Political Party Conventions are set to take center stage. As Covid 19 caused the re - scheduling of the Donald Trump 2020 Campaign ButtonDemocratic National Convention from July to August , we are now set to have conventions back to back.

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Milwaukee , Wisconsin beginning on Monday August 17 , 2020. The Republican National Convention will kick off in Charlotte , North Carolina on Friday August 21 , 2020.

Even though each convention is expected to be scaled back due to Covid 19 former Vice President Joe Biden is still scheduled to travel to Milwaukee to accept the nomination and President Donald Trump plans to go to Charlotte to accept the nod from the GOP.