Biden Will Not Travel To Milwaukee To Accept Nomination As Election Day Clock Hits 90 Days

Joe Biden 2020 Campaign ButtonsAugust 5, 2020 - The upcoming Democratic National Convention to be held in Milwaukee , Wisconsin took another step to a nearly all virtual event as it was Donald Trump 2020 Campaign Buttonannounced that former Vice President Joe Biden would not travel there to give his acceptance speech. Now it is expected that Biden will give the speech in his home state of Delaware.

The Milwaukee convention has been continually scaled back  due to Covid - 19. Because of  increased concern over community spread of Covid - 19 , health officials and Democratic Party leaders decided is was best to reduce travel to Milwaukee by Biden and other scheduled speakers. President Donald Trump is also not expected to give his convention speech at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte , North Carolina. One possible location for Trump's speech is the White House.

Jo Jorgensen Libertarian For President 2020 Campaign ButtonNew polling in several battleground states are measuring the potential impact of 3rd party presidential candidates on the Trump vs. Biden race. In Iowa ,  Trump has 48% , to 46% for Biden and 2% for Libertarian party presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen. In Wisconsin ,  Biden has 52% to 38% for Trump. North Carolina has Biden at 44% , followed by Trump at 40% , Jorgensen at 4% and Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins at 2%.

In the Keystone State of Pennsylvania Biden has 44% , Trump has 43% , Jorgensen is at 4% and Hawkins is at 2%. Finally in Florida ,  Biden and Trump are both at 43% , followed by Jorgensen at 4% and Hawkins at 2%.