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Labor 7E - Anti NAFTA Lapel Pin
Anti NAFTA.  Anti-North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) lapel pin that is 3/4 of an inch in di..
NJ 41H - Corzine '09 Lapel Pin
Corzine '09. Lapel pin from 2009 for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine..
AD 5A  - NBC Radio NFL Lapel Pin
NBC Radio NFL. Lapel pin from the 1980's for NBC NFL radio. For the 1985 and 1986 seasons NBC radio ..
FDR 1P - Ohio Roosevelt Garner Club  Lapel Pin
Ohio Roosevelt Garner Club. Lapel pin for Franklin D. Roosevelt  and Jack Garner for their Ohio ..
Hughes 1D - National Hughes Alliance Lapel Pin
National Hughes Alliance. This is a metal lapel pin  from 1916 for Republican Party Presidential nom..
Trump 10Q - Make America Great Again Trump  2016 Lapel Pin
Make America Great Again Trump 2016. One  inch lapel pin from 2016 for President Donald Trump..
Clinton 2K  - Inauguration of President and Vice President Clinton Gore 1997 Lapel Pin
Inauguration of President and Vice President Clinton Gore 1997. Lapel pin from 1997 for the second C..
Dukakis 1Q - Dukakis Bentsen Lapel Pin
Dukakis Bentsen. This is a 3/4 inch lapel pin  from 1988 for Dukakis and Bentsen..
Goldwater 9D - Goldwater Lapel Pin
Goldwater. Lapel pin from 1964 for Barry Goldwater. Lapel pin measures almost two inches in ..
LBJ 10H - LBJ Lapel Pin
LBJ. Lapel pin from 1964 for President Lyndon B. Johnson. Pin measures 1/2 of an inch across and e..
NJ 42G - Corzine Lapel Pin
Corzine. Lapel pin from 2000 for Jon Corzine’s run for U.S. Senate from New Jersey..
Reagan 92B - I Love Reagan & Bush  Lapel Pin
I Love Reagan & Bush. Lapel pin  for Ronald Reagan and George Bush that measures approximate..
Nixon 37C - Nixon Lodge Lapel Pin
Nixon Lodge.  Lapel pin from 1960 for the Republican ticket of Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lod..
 Nixon 9M - (Nixon) N Lapel Pin
 N. Lapel pin from 1960 in the shape of key with the lettering N for Nixon at the end. This lapel is..
AD 9A - NBC Salt Lake 2002. Lapel Pin
 NBC Salt Lake 2002. Lapel pin for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah from the TV netw..