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Dwight Eisenhower IKE Campaign Buttons

Dwight Eisenhower IKE Campaign Buttons

Dwight "IKE" Eisenhower Campaign Buttons. Welcome to the Dwight Eisenhower campaign buttons section on campaign President Dwight Eisenhower known primarily by his nickname of IKE was elected president on the Republican Party ticket in 1952. His  vice presidential running mate and future president, was Richard Nixon. Eisenhower had a long career in the U.S. Army rising to the rank of five star general. During World War II , General Eisenhower served as  the Supreme Commander of  Allied Forces in Europe. As Supreme Commander , Eisenhower oversaw the successful invasion of France , known as D-Day, in June of 1944. During his presidential campaign  the I Like Ike campaign button became one of the most famous campaign slogans in political history and one of the lasting iconic symbols of the 1950's. One of his enduing legacies is the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System. Pictured here are Dwight Eisenhower campaign buttons for those historic 1950s presidential campaigns. With a birthdate of October 14, 1890 , Eisenhower was the last president to be born in the 19th century.

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IKE 4L - Eisenhower For President Campaign Button
Eisenhower For President 1948 .  Early one and a quarter inch campaign button for  Dwight Eisenhower..
IKE 5D - Inauguration January 20, 1957 Dwight D. Eisenhower Campaign Button
Inauguration January 20, 1957 Dwight D. Eisenhower . Nice one and a quarter inch button for Presiden..
IKE 7K - Peace And Prosperity With Eisenhower Campaign Button
Peace And Prosperity With Eisenhower. Attractive bright red border on this one and three quarter inc..
IKE 12H - I Like Ike "Flasher" Campaign Button
I Like Ike. Classic I Like Ike two and a half inch "flasher campaign button" for President Dwigh..
IKE 1J - Get Right With IKE Campaign Button
Get Right With IKE.  5/8 of an inch Dwight Eisenhower campaign button ..
IKE 1L - I Like Ike And Dick Campaign Button
I Like Ike And Dick. 7/8 of an inch campaign button for President Dwight Eisenhower and his Vice..
IKE 2S  - Nebraska For  IKE  Campaign Button
Nebraska For  IKE. One and a quarter inch Ike For Nebraska campaign button for Dwight Eisenhower..
IKE 6F - For The Love Of IKE Vote Republican Campaign Button
For The Love Of IKE Vote Republican. Red , white and blue color scheme on this 7/8 on an inch  campa..
IKE 5K - General Dwight D. Eisenhower Campaign Button
General Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Star and stripes color scheme on this one and a quarter inch camp..