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Political Paper

Political Paper

Political Paper. Featured here are campaign flyers, bumper stickers, post cards and other political paper items for presidential campaigns, state wide races for Governor , U.S. Senate and much more.

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Clinton 84D - Clinton Gore 96 Bumper Sticker
Clinton Gore 96. Bumper sticker from 1996 for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Bumper sticker measures ..
Clinton 24D - Bill Clinton For President (1992 Pennsylvania Primary Paper Flyer)
Bill Clinton For President (1992 Pennsylvania Primary Paper Flyer). This is Bill Clinton paper c..
Dole 14E - Dole Kemp '96 Paper Flyer
Dole Kemp '96. Bob Dole - the better man for a better America. The Dole-Kemp economic plan will cut ..
Dole 3K  - Bob Dole:Collected Speeches: January-October 1995 Paper Pamphlet
Bob Dole: A Vision For America Collected Speeches: January-October 1995. This is a 64 page pamphlet..
Mondale 10G  - UAW CAP Mondale Ferraro Bumper Sticker
UAW CAP Mondale Ferraro. Approximately 11 and 3/4 by 3 inch bumper sticker issued by the United Auto..
Mondale 2F  -  Vote Walter Mondale In The Pennsylvania Primary Paper Flyer
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Mondale 3F  - UAW Solidarity Mondale Magazine
UAW Solidarity Mondale We Need A Friend In The White House. This is a 23 page magazine from Febr..
HHH 14E - Hubert H. Humphrey Postcard
Hubert H. Humphrey Postcard. Color postcard for Hubert H. Humphrey..
LBJ 15B - Lyndon Johnson Postcard
Lyndon Johnson Postcard. Postcard for President Lyndon B. Johnson..
Kennedy JFK 22C - Jefferson Jackson Kennedy Dinner Program 1962
Wisconsin Jefferson Jackson Kennedy Dinner Milwaukee Arena Saturday, May 12 1962. This in approximat..
NJ 1P - Celebrating New Jersey The Inauguration Of  James E. McGreevey Governor Paper Ticket
Celebrating New Jersey The Inauguration Of  James E. McGreevey Governor.  This is paper ticket for t..
3rd Party 31R - Reform Party Campaign Kick-Off Rally August 18, 1996 (Ross Perot) Paper Flyer
Reform Party Campaign Kick-Off Rally August 18, 1996. This is a four page paper campaign flyer for R..
Cause 12R - Balance The Budget! The Concord Coalition Bumper Sticker
Balance The Budget! The Concord Coalition. This is a seven and three quarters by three inch bumper s..
Labor 11B - Jobs With Justice Bumper Sticker
Jobs With Justice. Bumper sticker for Jobs with justice that  measures 11 1/2 by 3 inches..
NJ 31C - Jim McGreevey For Governor  Paper Flyer
Jim McGreevey For Governor.  This is paper flyer for New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey..