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Ted Kennedy Campaign Buttons

Ted Kennedy Campaign Buttons

Ted Kennedy Campaign Buttons. Welcome to  Senator Ted Kennedy campaign buttons section on campaignbuttons-etc  Displayed here are  the campaign buttons and  political memorabilia of Senator Ted Kennedy. Also known as Teddy, Kennedy  served as United States Senator for Massachusetts from November 7, 1962 till his death on August 25, 2009. Following the death of his brother Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968, Ted Kennedy was frequently mentioned as a possible presidential candidate. In November of 1979 Kennedy announced that he would challenge President Jimmy Carter for the 1980 Democratic Party Presidential nomination. The campaign at first did not go well, but after winning the New York Presidential Primary in March, Kennedy began to have some success. However it was to late in the primary season , and Carter was able to win enough delegates to secure the nomination. A large variety of Ted Kennedy campaign buttons were produced in 1980, some of which are shown here. Also available are Kennedy campaign buttons for his U.S. Senate races.

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Kennedy EMK 17L - EMK Campaign Button
EMK. One and a quarter inch campaign button  for Senator Ted Kennedy that features his initials ..
Kennedy EMK 17M - Kennedy 72 Campaign Button
Kennedy 72. One inch presidential hopeful campaign button from 1972 for  Senator Ted Kennedy..
Kennedy EMK 18G - Ted Kennedy In 1972 Campaign Button
Ted Kennedy In 1972. A young looking Senator Ted Kennedy on this one inch presidential hopeful c..
Kennedy EMK 44D - "Ted" Kennedy In '72 Campaign Button
"Ted" Kennedy In '72. A young looking Senator Ted Kennedy on this one inch presidential hopeful ..
Kennedy EMK 44E - Teddy K 1980 Campaign Button
Teddy K 1980. Unusual picture of Ted Kennedy on this one and a quarter inch campaign button from..
Kennedy EMK 48J - Ted Kennedy For President Campaign Button
Ted Kennedy For President. Nice drawing on this one inch campaign button for Ted Kennedy ..
Kennedy EMK 48C - Teddy K '72 Campaign Button
Teddy K '72. Approximately one inch early presidential campaign button for Senator Teddy Kennedy..
Kennedy EMK 46A - Kennedy Campaign Button
Kennedy. One and a half inch litho campaign button for Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts 1982..