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Local Campaign Buttons

Local Campaign Buttons

Local Campaign Buttons. Featured here are Locals campaign buttons for Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress and more. Pictured are campaign buttons for local candidates from New Jersey Chris Christie, New York Andrew Cuomo, Pennsylvania Ed Rendell, Ohio Howard Metzenbaum, California Jerry Brown and other states.

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NY 16B  - Women for Cuomo '94 Campaign Button
Women for Cuomo '94. Three inch button from 1994 for then Governor Mario Cuomo..
NJ 3E - Re - Elect Congressman Patten Campaign Button
Re - Elect Congressman Patten. One a quarter inch buttonfor New Jersey Congressman Edward Patten who..
NJ 4G  - Frelinghuysen Campaign Button
Frelinghuysen. One and a half inch button from 2006 for New Jersey Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen..
CA 4A - Schwarzenegger for Governor Campaign Button
Schwarzenegger for Governor. Classic photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger in sunglasses on this two and qu..
NJ 11E - Bret 2001 Campaign Button
Bret 2001. Bright red one and a quarter inch button from 2001 for republican nominee for Governor Br..
NJ 38B - Dean's Team Plastic Lapel
Dean's Team. Plastic lapel pin for United States Congressman from New Jersey Dean Gallo who served f..
NJ 34B - Nelson Gross U.S. Senate Campaign Button
Nelson Gross U.S. Senate. One  inch button for 1970 republican candidate for U.S. Senate from New Je..
NJ 25C - Corzine Connection Rubber Wristband
Corzine Connection. This is a rubber wristband put out by the Jon Corzine for New Jersey Governor ca..
NY 29B - NYC Rudy Mayor Campaign Button
NYC Rudy Mayor. One and three quarter inch button for former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani..
NY 11B - NYC Rudy Alcade Campaign Button
NYC Rudy Alcade. One and three quarter inch button for former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani. Alc..
CA 2A -  Terminate the Terminator! Campaign Button
 Terminate the Terminator! Colorful two and a quarter inch anti-Schwarzenegger button the pictures A..
OH 1D - Meztenbaum Plastic Lapel Pin
 Meztenbaum. Plastic lapel pin for Ohio Senator Howard Metzenbaum..
OH 2D - Metz  Lapel Pin
Metz. Lapel pin for Ohio Senator Howard Metzenbaum..
NY 2A - Rick Lazio For U.S. Senate Campaign Button
Rick Lazio For U.S. Senate. Nice picture of Hillary Clinton's challenger in the NY 2000 Senate race,..
NJ 46B - Christie (Whitman) Bumper Sticker
Christie. Approximately 6 inch by 3 inch bumper sticker from 1993 for New Jersey Governor Ch..