Carson and Trump Tied In Latest Iowa Poll

Dr. Ben Carson campaign button September 1, 2015 - Dr. Ben Carson has surged into a tie with New York businessman Donald Trump in the latest poll out of Iowa. Carson and Trump each polled at 23% far outpacing the other 15 Republicans running for president. In a Donald Trump campaign buttonsurprising third place is former CEO Carly Fiorina who came in third with 10%.

That Carson, Trump and Fiorina combined for 53% of those polled is an apparent rebuke of traditional politicians. While many of the other candidates have years if not decades of  elective service on their resumes, Carson , Trump and Fiorina have never held elective office.

The rest of the field finds Senator Ted Cruz of Texas with 9%, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with 7% and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush with 5%.

Tied at 4% each is Ohio Governor John Kasich and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky with 3%.

Carly Fiorina campaign buttonThe 2008 winner of Republican Iowa Caucus former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and the 2012 winner also of theTed Cruz 2016 campaign button Iowa Caucus former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania are all knotted up at 2%.

The remaining candidates , New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, former Texas Governor Rick Perry and former New York Governor George Pataki are all registering at 1% or less.


Latest Polls Have Good News For Hillary in Iowa, Bad News In New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton Campaign Button August 26, 2015 - Two new polls out show former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading by a wide margin in Iowa but trailing in New Hampshire. In Iowa, Clinton had the support of 54% , followed by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont with Bernie Sanders campaign button. 20%, Vice President Joe Biden at 11% ,former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley with 4% and former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia with 1%.

In more good news out of Iowa for Clinton, she has picked up the endorsement of U.S Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack who also is the former Governor of Iowa. The Vilsack endorsement comes at a perfect time for Clinton as rumors swirl that Biden may enter the presidential race.

In New Hampshire, Clinton finds herself in the unusual position of being in second place to Sanders. Of those polled , Sanders had the support of 42% followed by Clinton with 35%, Webb at 6%, O'Malley with 4% and former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee with 2%. This particular poll did not include Biden in the survey.

Trump Rally Draws 30,000 in Alabama

Donald Trump Campaign Button. August 22, 2015 - Republican front runner Donald Trump capped his week on the campaign trail with a  outdoor rally in Mobile , Alabama  that drew a crowd of 30,000. The large turn out  makes it the biggest crowd so far to attend a rally by any of the 22 candidates now running  for president.

The rally topped a good week for Trump after a trio of new polls showed him leading the Republican field in Pennsylvania, Florida and second in Ohio to only John Kasich who is the Governor of Buckeye state.

The Florida poll was the most eye opening in that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida now trail Trump in their home state. In Florida Trump has the support of 21% followed by Bush with 17% and Rubio at 11%. Rubio is actually tied for third place as Dr. Ben Carson also polled at 11%.

While Trump has the support of 21% in Ohio and 24% in Pennsylvania , Bush now finds himself mired in the pack with 5% in Ohio and 6% in Pennsylvania.

The next GOP presidential debate is scheduled for mid September at the Reagan Library in California. With the Trump juggernaut picking up speed, Bush and the other candidates will likely being displaying a more aggressive posture in dealing with the New York businessman.

Trump Maintains Wide Lead In Latest Poll, Carson Vaults To Second

Donald Trump campaign button. August 17, 2015 - In the latest poll out on the state of the Republican Party nomination battle real estate developer Ben Carson campaign button.Donald Trump continues to hold a wide lead over his GOP challengers. Trump has the support of 25% of those polled.

Surprisingly the second candidate in the poll is Dr. Ben Carson with 12%. That means that the number one and number two finishers in the poll have never held elected office before.

The poll also shows a new third place finisher and that being Senator Ted Cruz of Texas with 10%. Trump, Carson and Cruz are the only candidates in the poll who scored in double digits.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush now finds himself in 4th place with 9%. Next up is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker all knotted up at 6%.

There is no doubt now the former CEO Carly Fiorina got a huge post debate bounce as she has now has vaulted into 7thCarly Fiorina campaign button. Ted Cruz campaign with 5% of the poll. This makes it more than likely that Fiorina will be in the top 10 of the next Republican presidential debate schedule for mid September  at the Reagan Library in California.

Tied at 4% each are Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Ohio Governor John Kasich. Next up at 3% each are New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. With the rise of Fiorina into the top ten that means that probably Christie or Paul will he relegated to the second tier debate at the upcoming September debate.

Obviously struggling to get support and all tied at 1% each are former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania , former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.



Former Iowa Senator Harkin Endoreses Hillary

Hillary Clinton campaign button. August 14 - 2016 - Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has scored a key endorsement as former United States Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa has endorsed her bid for the White House.

In a op-ed piece published Thursday evening Harkin wrote that Clinton "has devoted her career to championing the needsTom Harkin campaign button. of children" and has been a "tireless advocate for women and families." Harkin who retired from the Senate in 2014, served as a U.S Senator from Iowa for three decades. He also ran for president in 1992 before dropping out and endorsing the eventual winner President Bill Clinton.

The endorsement by the Iowan Harkin was coveted by all the Democrats competing in the Iowa Caucus. Harkin's nod is a  welcome development for the Clinton campaign which this week received the news that Clinton had fallen behind Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in one poll on the state of the New Hampshire primary. And in the ongoing controversy over her  use of a private email account during her time as Secretary of State, Clinton finally relented and turned her personal computer server over to the Justice Department.

The Harkin endorsement of Clinton's campaign comes at the perfect time as she will be making an appearance at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. On Friday night Clinton will join most of the other Democratic presidential hopefuls when she will give a speech in Northern Iowa at the annual Democratic fundraiser, the Wing Ding Dinner.